Care & Maintenance

Much like your firearm, your Kwick Strike will require proper care and maintenance in order to preserve its functionality. The effort and attention you put into maintaining your Kwick Strike will provide you the peace of mind that your Kwick Strike will perform when you need it to. Proper care and maintenance habits not only help you become familiar with your Kwick Strike but will also give you more confidence in its performance.

Basic Cleaning.

Kwick Strikes are designed and built for very little to no maintenance. Taking care of your Kwick Strike is simple:

  • Every 6 months to a year, add a small amount of oil or WD-40 around the actuator. However, be careful not to use too much to avoid build-up.
  • Periodically check and tighten bolts to ensure they stay tight.

Preventing Rust.

Kwick Strike offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, however, exposure to outside elements may negatively affect the life of your Kwick Strike. As is the case with all steel, rust can be a problem. Be aware that the inner bar is made of high-quality steel and will require cleaning and oil in order to function properly.

The Kwick Strike is NOT designed to be waterproof. Prolonged exposure to water, mud, or condensation could create rust on the steel actuator if left to the elements. If you do get water directly on KS, dry it thoroughly and leave it open to dry.

Kwick Strike strongly recommends that you do not permanently leave your product mounted in your ATV or otherwise leave your Kwick Strike uncovered outdoors, especially if you live in a coastal climate.

Proper Use.

Kwick Strikes have been designed to withstand significant wear and tear; however, we strongly recommend that you do not “dry fire” your Kwick Strike. In order to prolong the life of your Kwick Strike, only deploy the Kwick Strike when it is holding a firearm.