About Us

One day, sitting at a red light in a part of town that I was unfamiliar with, I noticed a man approaching the vehicle in front of me.

I thought, “If this man was up to no good how quickly could I access my firearm?”

I quickly removed a few items that were resting on the lid of my center console and opened it up.

I began digging through koozies, old receipts, tools, and other miscellaneous items.

Finally, I found my gun! It was in a holster that was open at the barrel end, I became nervous that an assortment of objects could have found their way up the barrel, but I had no time to investigate.

In any case, I removed it from the holster and turned my head back to the car in front of me.

The man was gone. He had already made it passed my vehicle and was nowhere to be seen.

Needless to say, taking my eyes off the man and having to dig for my gun gave me an idea.

KWICK STRIKE was born!

Our team at KWICK STRIKE uses American-made products and employs hardworking Americans at our facility in Texas to create products that protect you and your family.