1. Always follow proper state and local laws pertaining to storage of a firearm.
  2. Never keep a round in the chamber when carrying your firearm in a KWICK STRIKE.
  3. Never put your face or other body part closer than 12 inches from the KWICK STRIKE door until the unit has been activated and fully extended where you can release your firearm.
  4. Always follow the firearm safety rules set out by the firearm’s manufacturer.
  5. Kwick Strike or any other firearm storage device cannot take the place of other safety procedures including advising children of the dangers of firearms.
  6. Your Kwick Strike is only part of your firearm security. You should mount your Kwick Strike in a location that is convenient for you but out of direct line of sight from prying eyes.
  7. Kwick Strike does not recommend, promote, or condone irresponsible firearm use. The decision to own or use a firearm is a serious decision that should only be made by an adult who has carefully considered the risks and benefits of such a decision.
  8. Keep the key to your Kwick Strike lock in a secure place, and away from reach of children.
  9. Failure to comply with these warnings could result in serious injury or death.