The Strike Instructions

Items included.

  1. Security cable and eye bolt.
  2. A card indicating our website to obtain additional instructions, warranty and safety information. Along with a gun fit guide and how-to videos.
  3. Felt paper to use where rubbing or rattling may occur.
  4. Keys (for keyed version only).
  5. 3M Dual Lock to secure the Kwick Strike inside your console or to some other surface for a more permanent hold. Alcohol pads are included to clean the surface that you intend to secure the dual lock to.
  6. Angle mount bracket (already secured to the unit). Please see below mounting options.  The brackets change the depth of the Kwick Strike between your seat and console.

How to install the Kwick Strike.

  1. Loop the provided security cable around your seat rail or another secure structure.
  2. Install the provide eye bolt into the rear of the Kwick Strike. Using a padlock (not provided) secure the security cable to the eyebolt.
  3. Slide the Kwick Strike between your seat and console at desired depth.

How to use the Kwick Strike.